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Looking for Signs of Bed Bugs

Checking for bed bugs on a regular basis is recommended.When you are changing the sheets of your mattress, spend some time looking in the folds of your bed, and in other hiding places.

We will teach you where bed bugs hide, and how to search for bed bugs. Bed bugs are visible in their adult form, and the signs of bed bugs are very clear.


Signs and symptoms of bed bugs can be hard to detect at first. Bed bug bites can be are also sometimes confused with other insects.


A lot of people ask us, “How Big Are Bed Bugs?”. They can grow to the size of an apple seed and even look like one. When fully grown, they are brown, and apple seed shaped. If they have just recently fed, they can be quite large and engorged. However, in their early stages, they are very tiny, and clear if they haven’t fed yet, therefore they can be difficult to spot with the human eye. Typically, bed bugs nest close to where you sleep. They can hide in your bed, headboard, end tables, pictures, books, linen closets or anywhere within roughly 16 feet of where you sleep. If they are breeding, you will have very small, hard to spot baby bed bugs. A good magnifying glass and flashlight will help see the smaller bed bugs.


Other Signs of Bed Bugs include finding dark spots or Bed Bug Feces on your Mattress. This means you are into a fairly heavy stage of your Bed Bug Infestation. We have found a common pattern of feces spots to be in the corners or folds of a mattress. If you are at a hotel, and want to quickly check for bed bugs, look in the folds or seams of the mattress. Bed Bug Feces (shown in the pictures at the top of this page) are composed of dried blood.Usually, a bed bug will feed, and then go back to their nesting area. This is where you will see the buildup of the dark black fecal matter that they excreet within a couple hours of feeding. You may also find fecal dark blood stains on other materials, such as your wooden headboard, or night stand. These marks will usually be found relatively close to where they nest.


Bed bug bites are common, but not a sure tale sign of bed bugs. Even though bed bugs do bite, they do not necessarily leave visible signs on every person. Many people react differently. In fact, we’ve seen very serious cases of bed bug infestations, and the person living with them had absolutely no signs of bite marks at all. If you suspect bed bugs, or have bed bug bite marks like the bed bugs bites pictures here, then call us now for a Free Bed Bug Inspection.

More Bed Bug Signs

Itchy Skin

Bed bug bites are itchy and scratching them may lead to bleeding and infection.

Red Marks

Flat, red welts in zigzag lines or small clusters is a key sign of bed bugs.

Strong Odor

Bed bugs release strong pheromones that smell like a wet towel.

Blood Spots

Specks or spots of blood on bed linens and clothes.

Egg Shells

Hatched egg shells or eggs stuck on the mattress seams or headboard.

Bed Bug Skins

Skin shed in cracks and crevices next to your bed or furniture.


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