Heat Kills Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Facts

Why does heat kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are highly resiliant

Did you know that bed bugs can live an entire year without feeding! It's hard to believe, but if a bed bug slipped into a crack in your floor board, and you left your house for an entire year, you could return to a bed bug that is still alive. Even sub-zero temperatures can be ineffective at killing them. They are highly resistent to chemical treatments, and must cross the path of the chemical in order to die. Many people believe if they leave their bed bug infested mattress outside during winter months, the bed bugs will die. This is not true, unless the temperature remains -18 celcius for 1 complete week. Remember, heat kills bed bugs!

Bed Bug kill zone

We've watch it happen every day, heat kills bed bugs. We actually enjoy watching bed bugs die. As the temperature increases in the home or dwelling, the bed bugs start to go into a panic. This is because they are being suffocated from the extreme temperatures. A bed bug will die within 30 - 90 seconds once exposed to 122 Degrees Ferenheight. However, we increase our temperatures to 140 degrees in order to make sure we heat all areas of your house, including the insides of your walls. Heat kills bed bugs, we prove it everyday. Call us today 1-800-955-1890

Heat Assault Picture

Why does it take 8 hours?

From our experience in the business, and based on our geniune care for you and your family, we understand it takes this much time to increase the heat in all areas of your home. Since bed bugs can hide in small places, they may be in the flooring or ceiling of your home. Therefore, our heat must permeate through your entire house structure, as well as your clothing and other belongings. We take our time, and complete the job the first time, so you can sleep well tonight. Heat kills bed bugs, it true... However, it does take time to heat all areas of your home.

What about your electronics?

You have no need to worry about your electronics. We have treated hundreds of homes, and have never had an incident where someone's electronics were damaged in any way. In southern climates, it is common place to endure temperatures of up to 140 degrees ferenheight, and folks in these climates also have electronic equipment. In order for your belongings to be in jeopardy, we would need to increase the temperature above 170, and we never do that. Call us if you have any questions 1-800-955-1890. Remember, only heat kills bed bugs!

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