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Burlington has been rated Canada's second best city to live in, and if you live in Burlington, you believe it's the first. Burlington is located at the south west corner of Lake Ontario. Burlington hosts many summer time events, but two of which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors are the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, and Canada's largest ribfest festival. Burlington has a very beautiful waterfront is very beautiful next to a lovely sandy beach. Will all this attention, it's no wonder our homes are invaded with bed bugs.

We kill With Heat

Green Heat is the Best Bed Bug Exterminator in Burlington. We pride ourselves on our ability to Kill Bed Bugs Quickly and effectively. However, we are so much more than a Bed Bug Killing Company. We are truly compassionate, and will help walk you through this extremely difficult time in your life. The psycological effects of bed bugs can bring havoc into your life, and keep you awake at night. We will show you what bed bugs look like, and provide you with a Heat Treatment Preparation Guide.

A local Burlington Business

Bed Bugs Exterminators in Burlington have been kept busy as of late. Reportings from residents with a bed bug problem in Halton has risen to new highs and Companies That Exterminate Bed Bugs are kept busy. We are proud to call Burlington the home of our head office. We have helped many of our neighbours eliminate their Bed Bug Infestation.

Bed Bug Solution

If you find yourself facing a bed bug problem in your home, we have the best solution! Our green heat bed bug treatment is 100% effective against all bed bug in your home and their eggs. Our heat extermination will take up to 8 hours to ensure that your infestation is eliminated, so your family can sleep tight tonight. Call us at 1-800-955-1890 to book a free assessment today.


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