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There is a lot of information on How To Kill Bed Bugs. Over the years we've experimented with multiple methods on How to get rid of bed bugs. After countless trails, we've determined that heat is the Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs. Green Heat’s Bed Bug Heat Treatment will not only Kill Live Bed Bugs, but will also kill Bed Bug Eggs. Bed Bug Fumigation and chemical spray treatments have proven to be ineffective.

The Heat Assault System

The Heat Assault system is a Canadian made Heating Treatment for Bed Bugs. Originally designed as heavy duty outdoor construction equipment, this system would thaw frozen ground in sub-zero climates. Thanks to the innovation at Heat Assault, they retrofitted the equipment to be used indoors.

Heat Burners

Two diesel generated burners heat up a tank of glycol and then pumps that hot glycol throughout your house. The heater loop contains the Heat Transfer Fluid, which is an environmentally friendly propylene glycol solution that is heated to 205 Fahrenheit. Two main feed hoses are connected from the trailer and into the home or apartment that will be getting heat treated as seen in the image. The red hose acts as the supply hose and the blue hose is the return hose.

Heat System Hoses

All hoses are connected to the heater units that are placed throughout your home or apartment. Again, the red hose is the supply and blue is the return. The hot propylene glycol cycles through the hoses and back to the heat trailer outside.

Heater Units

The heater units have coils that are heated up and the white fans push the heat through the heater unit and into the rooms being heat-treated. Additional fans are placed throughout the rooms to better circulate the hot air. You can think of this process as similar to the radiation system in your car. The hot glycol circulates through a radiator in our high powered fans, and then returns to the heat trailer to be heated up again. This process is the only heating treatment for bed bugs solution on the market today!

Temperature Monitoring

Temperatures are checked throughout the day in all areas of the home. Furniture is moved around to make sure everything is exposed to the heat. Drawers are pulled out. Mattresses and box springs are stood up. Everything needs to be moved around in order to make sure every spot of the home is exposed.

Our Heat is the Best in the Industry

We evenly heat your home to 155 Degrees. Bed Bugs die at 122 Degrees. We maintain a temperature of 155 Degrees for up to 8 hours in order to reach into all the cracks and crevices in your home. Our unmarked bed bug heat treatment is safe, highly effective and is offered at a price that you can afford. Our unbeatable rates and guaranteed bed bug pest control system will let you sleep at night!


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