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If you have just discovered you may be a victim of bed bugs, it's a daunting challenge. Beyond all of the emotion and panic, you need to figure out how to deal with the problem. Not to worry, call us first, we will answer every question you may have.

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We want you to know that we've been through the same problem too! And, since our owners have been through the nightmare of bed bugs, we understand just how traumatic the experience is. You can't wait a week to solve your problem. That's why we guarantee to be there within 24 hours, we may even get there today!


First We Will Assess Your House

You are not alone in this process. We will be with you, to guide you every step of the way. This is why we come to your house for a free bed bug inspection. We want to be able to review your infestation, and take the time to look around your house. We usually spend about an hour during our assessment, which is when we help you determine the preparation steps required for your heat treatment. We will explain all of these steps to you as we complete our walk-through your house. Any specialized instructions will be included in our assessment package.


Pre-Inspection Preparation

While you are waiting for us to arrive, please carefully pack any loose clothing articles and stuffed toys in the area with a potential bed bug infestation into clear plastic bags, and tightly seal them. Please remove all pets from the area as well, keeping them away until the entire process is complete. You should also read the heat treatment preparation guide prior to the treatment.

Used Furniture

Do not move your furniture

Bed bugs hide in their harbourage; your bed has become their home. If you disturb their habitat, they will scatter into other areas of your home/bedroom. When we perform our bed bug inspection, it's best to leave your furniture as is. This will make the extermination process much more effective and immediate.

Pest Control

Post-Inspection Extermination

We can treat your home on the spot if we determine you are ready. This will require you to leave your home for at least 4 hours. As already mentioned, you should read the heat treatment preparation guide prior to the treatment.


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