Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation


Heat Treatment Preparation

  Prepare Your Home For Bed Bug Treatment


Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation Video

We've recorded a video for you to watch and understand our preparation process. We wanted to make sure you had the information available to watch at your convenience. We know there are times when the process is so overwhelming, you may have a lot of questions. We've prepared this video so you can chose to watch at your convenience.

Listen to our Podcast

We've recorded a podcast of our heat treatment preparation steps for your easy listening. We know your life is busy, so it may be easiest for you to download our podcast to your mobile device and listen at your convenience. You can can download this podcast from Bed bugs Exterminators Podbean.

Follow our Preparation Guide

There are a number of items that can melt during our procedure, and they are all covered in our preparation PDF guide. However, it is equally important that you prepare your house for the treatment.

We need to make sure that any cluter is addressed, such as storage items in your closets, or an extra large quantity of wardrobe items. In most circumstances, you should be just fine. However because our process uses heat, and that heat is circulated using fans to blow the hot air through your house, air flow is extremely important.

Please make sure you follow our steps carefully, it is a requirement for our 90 day warranty.

First We Will Assess Your House

You are not alone in this process. We will be with you, to guide you every step of the way. This is why we come to your house for a free assessment. We want to be able to review your infestation, and take the time to look around your house.

We usually spend about an hour during our assessment, which is when we help you determine the preparation steps required for your heat treatment. We will explain all of these steps to you as we complete our walk-through your house. Any specialized instructions will be included in our assessment package.


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