Heating Treatment for Bed Bugs



Bed Bug Treatment PROCESS

  Heating Treatment for Bed Bugs


4 stage bed bug treatment process


Stage 1: Drying

The best possible tool you have to prepare is your dryer. You might see advise online that explains to first wash your clothes, and then dry them. Do not do this! You need to dry your clothing, bedding, stuffed toys, on high heat for 60 minutes. Heat kills bed bugs, and the water in your washing machine is not hot enough.

For our Bed Bug Treatment to be successful, we need you to follow our bed bug treatment procedures very carefully. Your primary concern is drying all clothing, bedding, stuffed toys and curtains in the infected areas. Place all items in the dryer on high heat for 60 minutes. Follow all steps and do not overstuff your dryer.


Stage 2: Vacuuming

We vacuum all infested areas, including mattress, box spring, headboards, night tables, dressers, wall hangings, floor boards and all possible bed bug hiding places. We use a very high suction specialized vacuum, able to remove all bed bugs and eggs from small crevices and cracks. The vacuum process is a critical element to our success.


Stage 3: Heating

For the bed bug treatment to be successful, stage 3 of our treatment process is a low pressure - high heat steam application. We use highly specialized low pressure steam equipment, that produces an extreme heat. The low pressure is very important, otherwise a high pressure steam will just blow the bed bugs across the room.

Chemical Free

Stage 4: Treating

The final step to our bed bug treatment process is the chemical application. We apply only government controlled, licensed and approved chemicals. We apply the chemical treatment to only the areas that bed bugs will live or cross over. The chemical residue continues to kill all bed bugs that cross its path.

Pest Control

Bed Bug Prevention

The next step for you is to try to figure out where you got the bed bugs from. There are a number of prevention procedures. If you travel, dry your clothing upon return. If visiting someone who may have bed bugs, dry your clothing as soon as you get home. Avoid buying used furniture. Stay alert and educated.


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