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Why Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?


We’ve watch it happen every day, heat kills bed bugs. As the temperature increases in the home or dwelling, the bugs start to go into a panic. This is because they are being suffocated from the extreme temperatures. A bed bug will die within 30 – 90 seconds once exposed to 122 Degrees Ferenheight. However, we increase our temperatures to 140 degrees in order to make sure we heat all areas of your house, including the insides of your walls.


Did you know that bed bugs can live an entire year without feeding! It’s hard to believe, but if a bed bug slipped into a crack in your floor board, and you left your house for an entire year, you could return to a bed bug that is still alive. Even sub-zero temperatures can be ineffective at killing them. They are highly resistent to chemical treatments, and must cross the path of the chemical in order to die. Many people believe if they leave their bed bug infested mattress outside during winter months, the bed bugs will die. This is not true, unless the temperature remains -18 celcius for 1 complete week.


Bed Bugs Hate Heat

Like us, bed bugs are made of proteins. A proteins DNA determines its function. When a cell is heated up to a certain temperature, the DNA starts to break down causing the cell to cease function.


Potential Cold Spots

Cold spots are areas where heat can’t penetrate. That’s why we go through a preparation guide with our customers to ensure all areas are treated.


More Effective Than Chemicals

There are many studies that prove bed bugs are becoming immune to chemical treatments – specifically over the counter products.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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