Heat Kills Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment Costs

  A breakdown of the costs for treating bed bugs.


Professional Inspection


After calling Green Heat Bed Bug Exterminators, we will arrive at your home within 24 hours for a free bed bug inspection where we look for signs of bed bugs. If they are found, we walk you through heat treatment preparation and provide you with our preparation guide.

K9 Inspection

Bed Bug Detection Dog

In rare cases, if we do not find any bed bugs and you’re not yet convinced, we send in bed bug detection dogs. If any bed bugs are hiding, our K9’s will find them. They can also be used to confirm treatment success by bringing them in 7 days after the treatment to confirm there are no remaining bugs.

Treatment Pricing Factors

Treatment Pricing Factors

There are many factors that determine how much a heat treatment for bed bugs will cost. Every job is different. We treat residential homes, apartments, condos, and retirement homes. We have done heat treatments in various locations around the GTA but also offer to go further distances, but the costs do rise as we get into areas outside of the GTA.


Green Heat is based out of Hamilton but services through the greater Toronto area. Rates increase if you're located more than an hour away from Hamilton due to transport costs for the heating equipment.

The level of the bed bug infestation

More severe infestations require more heat, so be sure to call a professional as soon as you see signs.

Size in square feet of the area being treated

If it's an apartment or condo, the costs increase when you live on higher floors due to setup and preparation. (Example: ground floor one bedroom would cost approximately $1250 plus HST and an additional $50 per higher floor). Another factor is whether your apartment or condo is one, two, or three bedrooms. The larger the area to heat up the higher the cost. This is mainly because we are using more heater units causing an increase in workload and diesel usage. If side by side units are to be treated, then the cost per unit decreases as we can treat both in one day. This same applies to upper and lower units.

Treatment Type

The pricing discussed on this page is for in-home bed bug treatments, contact us for more information on mobile treatments.

90-day Guarantee

The last factor is whether you want a 90-day bed bug free guarantee or not. It is most recommended to have the guarantee. Without the guarantee you can save on the costs of the heat treatment, but it will be a one-time treatment. The only way to get the 90-day guarantee is to have us treat the whole house or apartment. Heating just one floor of your home will save you money, but it will not include the 90-day guarantee.

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