Comparing different treatment methods

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment vs Heat

  Is chemical or heat treatment better for bed bugs?


Chemical Treatment Success Rate


Chemical treatments for bed bugs have been around for many decades and, at one point, were proven to be very effective. Chemicals would eliminate bed bugs within one to two treatments. However, as regulations became stricter, alternative methods for treating bed bug arose. Many of the most effective chemicals were declared illegal for both professional and home use. In addition to this, studies have shown that bed bugs are becoming increasingly more resilient to sprays being used today.

Why would I choose chemical treatment?

Chemical Treatment Spray

There are still some companies offering chemical treatments today. These exterminators market their services as a cheaper and quicker alternative to heat treatment. This may entice home owners and landlords to choose this option, but because chemicals are no longer as effective as they once were, there are chances that eggs, and the bugs that survive may recolonize. Many people spend thousands of dollars over time to treat their homes when they could have spent less on a one-time heat treatment.

Heat Kills Bed Bugs and their eggs

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

There is a lot more preparation required compared to our heat method. When a female lays eggs, it usually takes two to three weeks for them to hatch. Two to three treatments are usually required two to three weeks apart. This is because of the eggs hatching during that time period. Heat kills all live bed bugs and eggs on the first attempt.

Heat Travels Everywhere

Heat Travels everywhere

Spray treatments may not get into all the places that heat does. When temperatures in a house are over 150 Fahrenheit for over 6 hours, the heat penetrates through cracks, crevices, under carpets and floors, and therefore killing anything in those areas.

Chemical Treatment is Dangerous!

Chemical Treatment is dangerous

Chemicals can leave residual and so it is very important that no one enters the house until it is safe to do so. Many people with children and pets tend to choose heat treatments because of the risks with chemicals. Our heat method is environmentally friendly and will not harm any living thing in your house.

More Benefits of Heat Treatment

When the heat treatment is finished, you can move back into your home immediately with peace of mind, knowing nothing is lingering that will harm you or your loved ones. Because you can move back in same day, this relieves you of the headache of finding a place to stay until the chemicals wear off.Bed Bugs will be killed during the heat treatment, not days or weeks after, so you can sleep tight at night, knowing the bed bugs won’t bite.Adjacent areas remain unaffected, so other residents and business can proceed with their day without being affected.


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