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You and your family depend on your home in Toronto providing you with comfort, protection, and cleanliness. A bed bug invasion can take all of those things away. Bed bugs can infest and propagate easily through your residence. Once they reproduce and propagate through your residence, it can be quite difficult to get rid of them. Your residence will be an miserable and nerve-racking place to live in. Our In-Home/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment professionals have the remedy to promptly and reliably revert your residence to a healthy state and defeat bed bugs at all stages


Here, at Green Heat Bed Bugs Exterminators, we know how important it is to get rid of these bed bug outbreaks as quickly and effectively as possible. The Heat Assault 500X is the most effective bed bug heating equipment on the market. It demonstrates to be the most successful and least inconvenient variant of bed bug remediation. We can firmly ensure that each part of your Toronto residence will be perfectly free of infestation


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Green Heat In-Home/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service in Toronto


When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs in your Toronto household, all in all, apply the very top process. The method that totally eradicates any infestations. You see, off-the-shelf products and DIY approaches are going to give you amateur performance as any bed bugs or eggs may outlive the process. You’ll see the infestation growing up again. 


Our In-Home/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment process cautiously elevates your home’s indoor temperature high enough to exterminate all of the bed bugs and their larvae. Air in your home or apartment will get to temperatures about 160°F. Bed bugs will start to die when temps reach 122°F and their larvae start to die at 118°F. As the temperature increases, the critters die within seconds of exposure


Your home and its material possession will be treated in this warmth for 7-8 hrs. The heat will get across walls, floors, and furniture. The infestation will be totally eradicated from every part of your place. The heat treatment will not leave behind any hazards to your family or pets, unlike other approaches of extermination. Our In-Home/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment makes it the safest and extremely effective way of bed bug extermination in Toronto and its sorrounding area.


There is a lot of tips on How To Exterminate Bed Bugs. Over the long time we’ve experimented with multiple methods on how to get rid of bed bugs. After countless trials, we’ve decided that heat is The Top Way to Exterminate Bed Bugs. Green Heat In-Home/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment will exterminate Live Bed Bugs and Kill Bed Bug Eggs


Bed bug fumigation and chemical spray treatments have tested to be less successful. This is because bed bugs are being more resistant to the chemicals. In addition, the chemicals do not eradicate bed bug eggs, which results in bed bugs coming back.




The Heat Assault system is a Canadian-made Heating Treatment for Bed Bugs. 

Initially designed as heavy-duty outdoor construction machinery, this system would defrost icy ground in sub-zero temperatures. Thanks to the innovation at Heat Assault, they reconfigured the machinery to be used indoors. 


We evenly heat dwellings to 160 Degrees Fahrenheit. Bed bugs die at 122 Degrees. 


We hold a heat of 160 Degrees for up to 8 hrs to reach into all the cracks and crevices in treated Toronto homes. Our unmarked In-Home/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment is safe, discreet, highly effective, and is available at an economical rate.



 Heat Treatment is the most effective method in eradicating bed bugs. It kills bed bugs as well as their eggs, avoiding the infestation from returning. 



Using pesticides may make damage to your home and cause serious wellbeing outcome with your family and pets. In fact, bed bugs are becoming immune to chemical treatments. 


Ozone Generator 

Health Canada advises NOT to use certain generators as they have been identified to stimulate respiratory difficulties. 


Vacuuming & Steaming

This has proven to be more of a control option rather than a solution. Not all bed bugs are picked up and neither are their eggs. This results in a return of the infestation sometime later.


HOW DOES In-Home/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment WORK?



Two diesel-generated burners heat a tank of food-grade propylene glycol and then pump that warmed up food-grade propylene glycol through a closed circuit of tubing. The heater circuit contains the Heat Transfer Fluid, which is an ecologically friendly propylene glycol solution heated to 205 Fahrenheit. Two main feed hoses are connected from the trailer and into the home or apartment that will be obtaining heat treated. The red tubing performs as the supplying tubing and the blue tubing is the revert tubing.



All the hoses are connected to the heater units that are set inside residences. The heated propylene glycol cycles through the tubing and backwards to the heated trailer outdoor.



The heater modules have coils that are heated up and the white fans force the heat through the heater component and into the rooms being heat-treated. More fans are put throughout the spaces to better propagate the heated air. You can think of this process as similar to the radiation system in cars. The hot glycol circulates through a radiator in our all-powerful fans and then returns to the heated trailer to be heated up again. This system is the only heating treatment for bed bugs solution on the marketplace today!



Temperatures are monitored during the day in all parts of the household. Furniture is relocated around to make certain everything is exposed to the heat. Drawers are pulled out. Mattresses and box springs are stood up. All needs to be relocated around to make certain each spot of the home is exposed.


HOW LONG DOES In-Home/Apartment Bed Bug Heat Treatment TAKE?

From our experience in the business, and based on our genuine care for you and your family, it takes 8 hrs of heat treatment for our system to reach every areas of your Toronto household. Since bed bugs can hide in miniscule places, they may be in the flooring or ceiling of your condominium. Therefore, our heat must permeate through your entire house structure, as well as your clothing and other material possession. We take our time and complete the job the first time, so you can rest well this night.


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