Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation


Heat Treatment Preparation

  Prepare Your Home For Bed Bug Treatment


Follow our Preparation Guides

Prior to treating any home or business, our Bed Bug Exterminators ask that you prepare your location for treatment. To get a jump start, we provide you with the following information so that you can make arragements ahead of time. We also offer a preparation guide that you may download. If you're to busy to read through this information, you can also listen to our podcast, or watch our video. If you don't have time for either of those options, don't worry. We go through all required preparations with you upon visiting your location.

Remove Your Valuables

You should move valuable items during our procedure to avoid being broken or damaged. Some items can be stored in your stove, fridge, or freezer during the treatment. Other items should be stored outside, or at another location. Please look through the following list to ensure you remove all necessary items.

Plants & Animals including Fish Tanks

Cans of Paint & Carbonated Beverages (Store in Fridge)

Peanut Butter, Cooking Oil, Chocolates, Wines, Liquors (Store in Fridge)

Candles, Wax Crayons, Lipstick, Deodorants, Cosmetics (Store in Fridge)

Plastic & Wood Items & Materials such as Window Blinds

Medicine & Vitamins (Store in Fridge)

Oxygen Tanks, Fire extinguishers, Aerosol Containers, Lighters

All other Combustible Items

Magnets, Electronics, and Musical Instruments

Delicate & Collectible Items such as Stamps


Provide Sufficient Air Flow

Propore Air Flow must be provided in order for the Heat Treatment to be effective. This allows the heat to penetrate the tight areas that BedBugs hide in. Please ensure you take the following measures to guarantee effectiveness.

Remove clutter hanging in your Wardrobes (including bins, stored clothes, other stored items)

Stack books side-by-side; reduce space between books; flip every 2nd book on its back; and fan pages

Books that have been read in your bed need to be stored in an open area

Book shelves need to be moved 5 inches from the walls

Re-arrange rooms for proper airflow (rooms with area rug carpets require under air flow)

Remove paperwork and stationary from bedroom and high traffic areas

Open all luggage that needs to be treated including pockets and other compartments

Beds should be stripped before the technicians arrive

Please leave all bed linens on the bed, so heat will penetrate them

Additional Pre-Treatment Steps

Put clothing and linens through the dryer on high heat for about 45minutes, then bag the clothes and tie the bags up prior to heat treatment. If you have a large wardrobe, wash and dry your clothes, then store them in a sealed bag/container, and remove them from your home until the heat treatment is completed. These clothes may usually consist of clothing that is not regularly worn and would not be necessary during the preparation period.

It is important to check for heat sensors and fire sprinklers in the unit. Let us know whether these are installed and their location. All electrical items must be powered down and unplugged during treatment (except fridges and freezers).

Children’s toys should be handled carefully. Many include batteries that need to be removed. If there are a lot of toys, these must be moved throughout the home to reduce clutter in the occupying room.

If you require medication, please ensure that you have taken a daily supply with you. Tenants will NOT have access to their unit and/or goods until the ebnd of the treatment; usually the late afternoon or early evening of the same day.

To successfully eliminate your bed bug issue, we need to move furniture, therefore please move all breakable items into safe areas. Some IKEA furniture will experience peeling during this process.


At the end of the treatment, your home will be extremely hot, and may remain uncomfortably warm for the entire evening, into the morning. It takes a long time for your air conditioner to catch up and cool the house after our heat treatment. Do not be alarmed; this is normal, and even though uncomfortable, well worth it knowing your bed bug problem is gone for good!


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